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One of the biggest concerns for small and medium-sized businesses in the local space, operating in a highly competitive market is to keep their phones ringing. Generating potential leads and converting them is the lifeline of every business, irrespective of the size or the niche. However, it is getting immensely difficult as there are so many touchpoints, online and offline, not to mention the tremendous competition in just about every market.

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Exclusive Local Lead Generation Services by JRJ Consulting

JRJ Consulting offers local lead generation services that offload the burden on businesses’ shoulders when it comes to generating new customers. How? We generate targeted and relevant leads for your business from your locale and keep your business phones ringing so that you can focus on your core business functions. When you don’t have to worry about getting new leads or customers, it automatically frees you up for other business activities like – improving efficiency, business productivity, streamlining business operations, focusing on customer service, product and service development, business expansion, and more.

We only work with businesses that can handle more work and are looking to grow

JRJ Consulting offers exclusive local lead generation services, which means we only work with one client per location from that particular sector. So, rest assured, we’re not going to generate leads and distribute the same leads to you and your competitors. That is not how we roll!

You Don’t Pay Until You Get Customers!

We implement a wide range of marketing and SEO techniques to help rank our brand on search engines including Google. We do in-depth keyword research & analysis before implementing our SEO strategy to ensure our focus keywords have high search intent and search volume, bringing you tons of targeted traffic. Our local lead generation works because you get calls from potential customers who’re already looking for products and services you offer. The leads generated by our lead generation techniques are already in buying mode and need your service to rectify their problem. This translates into more business, sales, and revenue for our partnered clients.

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Actual Call Volume Stats For Our Current Clients

SEO Company Plymouth

We work with

Plumbing Companies

30-70 Exclusive Leads Per Month

Roofing Companies

30-60 Exclusive Leads Per Month

Scaffolding Companies

20-40 Exclusive Leads Per Month

Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting

15-20 Exclusive Leads Per Month

Removals Companies

30-70 Exclusive Leads Per Month


20-50 Exclusive Leads Per Month

How Can Our Lead Generation Services Benefit Your Local Business?

Upfront Results – Better ROI

Getting your website organically ranked can take months or even years. In some highly competitive markets, your website may never reach the first page. As brutal as it may sound, it is the truth as it stands today. It all depends on your SEO strategy and how much you’re ready to invest in it. It is a time-consuming process that doesn’t get you results overnight and to round it all off, there is no guarantee you will ever reach that top spot.
Trying to rank your website on top of the search results is always the primary idea behind any SEO campaign. But, not only is it time-consuming, it can be highly expensive as well. It needs a constant injection of SEO processes, making it an ongoing expensive affair, which is why our results upfront lead gen service is favored by many of our clients. Our pre-built website brands are already ranked on the 1st page in google and generating leads daily, all we do is forward those customers onto you!With our local lead generation services, you start getting leads from day one. It means you’re getting a better bang for your buck than PPC marketing that takes lots of money to get leads, which doesn’t necessarily translate into sales or revenue. The ROI offered by our lead generation services is unmatched in the industry, and the best part is we don’t charge per lead but instead opt for an easy flat monthly fee that is much less administrative hassle and makes more sense economically for our clients. With us, you get more by paying less.


You may be thinking this all sounds great but you’re probably asking ‘’how will I know how many leads you are sending my business?’’

Every month we provide an in-depth report of all the leads we sent you over the month. What’s great is that usually with marketing services, it is very difficult to present results to clients, however with our lead generation service, because we use a call & email tracking software to track all the leads coming in, it’s so easy for us to report the results to you each month and ultimately for you to see where your money is going!

SEO Company Plymouth
SEO Company Plymouth

Highly Targeted Leads

The leads we generate in all the markets we serve are highly targeted. It means that the phone calls we send your way are ready to buy and want quotations, which by default means a higher conversion rate, more sales, and higher revenue. Just driving traffic to your website won’t do the trick or get the results you seek.

The traffic to your site must be relevant and targeted for higher conversion and more sales, and it is what we do at JRJ Consulting. With years of experience in the local lead generation business, we know the intricacies involved in the online marketing world and what works and what doesn’t. It helps us craft bespoke and result-oriented lead generation campaigns for our clients based on their niche, competition analysis, market size, and other variables.

Get More Repeat Customers

Businesses thrive when it has an exhaustive list of repeat customers. When you get business from a new client, the aim should be to offer quality products or services backed by exemplary customer support that makes him/her a customer for life. Loyal customers play a huge role in bringing stability to the business and anchor it during market volatility.

With our service, you’ll get a regular flow of targeted leads that potentially could become your customers for life. When you get more repeat customers, it automatically triggers word-of-mouth marketing in your sector that not only brings in more customers and sales but helps you build brand authority. It is crucial to business success in the long run and makes it easier to penetrate the market deeper. Build brand awareness, enhance brand visibility, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche with our services.

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Cheaper than Ads

SEO Company Plymouth

At JRJ Consulting, we build brands online that are literally lead generation magnets. We know exactly how to design a website that will entice people to get in contact. This coupled with our marketing strategy is what brings the leads and allows us to charge less than what you would be paying Google ads.
Businesses spend thousands of pounds each month on Google Ads and PPC campaigns, yet it is uncertain that they will get phone calls that convert into paying customers. Remember, you need to pay Google when potential leads to click on the ad, not when they call.

So, you could be paying Google 4-5 times per click before you even get a customer phone call! So, the PPC campaign’s returns are not guaranteed, and the question of whether the ROI is worth it or not remains up in the air. In simple words, it works when it is done right. However, our lead generation service cuts out all the noise and delivers your business what it needs …. targeted phone calls for a fraction of the price!
We are confident of what we bring to the table with our years of experience, expertise, and lead generation skills. Our service can help you get more leads, increase your sales, and increase revenue and at a 5x to 10x times lower cost than what you would spend with Google Ads. Just to make sure you are totally happy before committing to anything, we offer all our potential clients a no-obligation free week trial to test if it’s right for your business and to see if you are a good fit for us.

Exclusive Leads Only

You might’ve come across many pay-per-lead websites out there that generate leads for you at unbelievable prices. But did you know they share the same leads with 5-10 competitors and other businesses in your niche & area too? Yes, this is a common practice in the local lead generation world many customers are unaware of. Don’t fall into that trap and waste your hard-earned money on leads that have been called multiple times by your competitors. As soon as any lead is shared with more than one business, the value of that lead instantly decreases in line with the increased competition. We always recommend staying well clear of lead generation services that share leads with multiple businesses, as this is just a waste of money.

At JRJ Consulting, we have a customer-centric approach and take pride in offering transparent and honest services with integrity. We do what we claim and don’t mind going the extra mile to get you the results. All the leads generated by us are exclusive and never shared with anyone else other than you. So, you get targeted leads that are ready-to-purchase, which aren’t shared with anyone else but you. It sounds too good to be true, but it is the truth of our service, and it is why most of our current clients have been with us for 2+ years (many more to come!).

Don’t Believe Us?

Our local lead generation services offer so many benefits for local businesses, and we understand you may feel wary if it will work for you. It is why we offer our clients a free trial to check out our service firsthand and experience the difference our service can make. We generate leads for your business for a free (no obligation to sign up) 1-week trial. See if it works for you, and only when you have clarified all your doubts and trust us to be your partner, we then discuss a monthly agreement. However, just to clarify we do not work with any business and you must qualify to be able to receive our leads. If you are in a position to and are serious about growing your business, this service is an absolute must. It will be better than any other marketing service you have tried before. Check out some of our testimonials below:

We only work with businesses that want to grow and can handle more customers!

Call JRJ Consulting for Local Lead Generation Services Today!

So, if you’re looking to grow and expand your business and can handle more customers, trust us to fill in the gaps in your marketing strategy, where other marketing agencies have failed you. At JRJ Consulting, we have generated thousands upon thousands of leads for our existing clients, so reach out to us today and see if your business qualifies.

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