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SEO Company Plymouth

Welcome, My name is James Johnson and founded I JRJ Consulting 3 years ago. I began my digital marketing journey 5 years ago in the online eCommerce industry, building websites & selling high ticket products. I maintained these websites with SEO and navigated into helping local businesses become the number choice on google for their service. My team and I have ranked hundreds of local sites and love providing incredible value for our clients.

SEO Company Plymouth

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SEO is often an overlooked strategy for businesses as results typically take a lot longer to see, but I strongly believe if a business is really serious about growing their brand, reputation and increasing their customer base in the long term then SEO is the answer. Unfortunately a lot of agencies practice poor SEO and tarnish the reputation of other good SEO agencies, we work closely with all our clients and provide tailor made strategies to make sure your business is positioned best to succeed and dominate your local market.


My team and I work hard on each and every client ensuring we get the results that can help transform a business. We have one sole focus for each client and that is to make sure we over deliver. Get in touch today for a free business strategy session.

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