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Reason 1 – Websites are the new business cards

Websites have become the new business card for businesses in general. Gone are the days when companies would print their business cards and hand them out to people. With websites, they can show off what they do and who they are to anyone with an internet connection.

The best way to make your website stand out is by having a beautiful design that is also easy to use. Websites built on WordPress or Squarespace let you choose from a variety of templates that are all professionally designed and responsive in order for your website to work on any screen size or type of device.

Reason 2 – A website is the hub for your digital marketing efforts

A website is an essential component of your digital marketing efforts. It’s the hub for all your various marketing campaigns and promotions.

For a business, it’s the number one way to connect with local and potential customers. It’s a place where customers can find information about your products and services, learn about the company, read up on the latest events or specials, watch videos or look at photos of happy customers enjoying their work.

It’s also an opportunity for you to take advantage of business-to-business networking through linking to other sites in your industry or posting articles on topics that will be valuable to your customers.

Reason 3 – Updating your website automatically updates search engines

The more you update your website, the more you stand out. Google has stated that keeping your site up to date is important for search engine rankings. This article discusses how automatic updates can improve both SEO and user experience.

Staying on top of updates to your website will keep it fresh, and this will help with maintaining a good search engine ranking. Regularly updating your site will also make it easier for users to find what they are looking for, as search engines have become better at understanding fresh content over time.

In regards to SEO, there is a saying in the industry that goes, if you are on page 2 then there is no reason to have a website. This highlights the importance of ranking your website as users in Google rarely venture past the 1st page of results. For years Google’s aim is to give their users the best results possible for each and every search, so it makes total sense that the best information, services and products are usually at the top. This places so much importance on getting your website to the top. Investing in a web design company to give your site a fresh look is just the start, search engine marketing is a sure fire long term solution to getting in front of your ideal customers.

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